The Job Center Table is the solution to all your work space needs. It fits securely to most popular round plastic and metal trash cans from 20 to 55 gallons (18" to 24"). Use it on the job site or at home…

Work surfaces are often at a premium on the active worksite.  Tools and supplies end up piled in toolboxes or tossed on the floor.  

The Job Center Table provides the solution by adding a work surface that helps you organize your tools and other materials, all while leaving the trashcan open and unobstructed for use with dustpans or shovels over 14 inches.  

The elevated table comes equipped with storage holes and wells, hooks and a roll stock cable that allow for quick and easy access to the tools you need.




Once you use a Job Center Table on your job, you’ll never look at a trash can the same way again!


New I-Beam Legs

Injection molded I-Beam Legs allow for easier storage and travel.